quad displays

Standard and Super Quad Options Available

Our Quad Display technology is available with any of our widescreen monitors and allows for the simultaneous display of four inputs. Supports screen resolutions up to 3G (1080p @ 60) and is compatible with RS-232 touch screen; both PCAP and resistive. Choose which of two Quad Display options best suits your operations. 

Standard Quad

Standard Quad offers your basic Picture-By-Picture and Picture-In-Picture display modes. Additionally, it allows for the display of four signals in equal 16:9 quadrants or display one large 16:9 frame with three smaller 16:9 frames stacked beside it. Display inputs switch instantaneously. Full screen display of any one of the single signal sources also supported. 

Super Quad

Super Quad boasts the same capabilities as our Standard Quad with the benefit of requesting additional modes customized to the operator's needs. As pictured below, the default additional display mode allows for one large 16:9 frame atop two smaller 16:9 frames. The fourth input comprises the remainder of the screen; this is a modified portrait frame that is cropped to fit the window, while maintaining center of the video. The Super Quad is ideal for the tactical officer operating a multi-sensor camera integrated with mission map.